Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology

CT Anesthesia Congenital Heart Disease

The division of cardiac anesthesia at UCLA is devoted to the care of patients of all ages suffering from congenital heart disease. With over 40% of all cardiac surgeries being performed for patients with congenital heart defects each year at UCLA, our team has a rich history to provide safe anesthesia for newborns, children, adolescents and adults suffering from heart disease.

The pediatric cardiac anesthesia team is well versed in providing anesthesia for all diagnostic, interventional and surgical procedures for children with cardiac defects. The pediatric CT anesthesia team is an integral art of the multidisciplinary congenital heart disease team at UCLA. There is a weekly conference where all planned surgeries and percutaneous interventions are being discussed. UCLA is one of the busiest pediatric transplant centers in the world. Our team carries vast experience in dealing with children suffering from heart failure. Anesthetics for the child requiring procedures as a bridge to heart transplantation (ECMO/Ventricular assist devices) are routinely performed at UCLA. Palliative hybrid procedures particarly in the low birth weight infants are being performed routinely in our hybrid lab. In addition, the anesthesia team plays an integral part in the pediatric arrhythmia management and electrophysiology program at UCLA.

Apart from anesthetizing children for cardiac surgery, the cardiac anesthesia team consults throughout the UCLA Health System for any child or grown-up with heart disease facing a procedure that requires anesthesia. Given to the strong echocardiography skills in adult heart disease, there is also extensive experience in delineating the extent of congenital heart defects, monitoring cardiac performance during a procedure as well as confirming the success of the corrective surgery.

The cardiac anesthesia team plays an integral part in UCLA’s global health initiatives. Our anesthesiologists are intimately involved in the care of children from different parts of the world who are transferred to UCLA for a higher level of medical care. In addition, many of our cardiac anesthesiologists volunteer their expertise in medical missions all over the world with an aim to share their knowledge with the local medical community.