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2016 UCLA Exceptional Physicians

May 13th, 2016

2016 UCLA Exceptional Physicians
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Dr. John Chalabi

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing with sincere thanks to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2016 UCLA Exceptional Physicians awards. From more than 60 nominees, Drs. John Chalabi, Oscar Estrada, Brian Francis, Barbara Giesser, Fady Kaldas, and Denise Sur were selected and honored at awards ceremonies in Westwood and Santa Monica over the past two weeks.
All of the nominees were genuinely exceptional.  I wrote to each of them individually with a generous sampling of the kind words you submitted on their behalf. I received a reply from every nominee, expressing profound thanks for your thoughtful comments, and for taking the time to make the nomination.
Once again, congratulations to all of the nominees, and thanks to everyone for their submissions.  It’s never too soon to begin thinking about nominees for 2017!

Jonathan R. Hiatt, MD
Vice Dean for Faculty

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