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Dr. Steadman Received a Generous Grant from the Department of Defense

July 25th, 2016

Dr. Steadman Received a Generous Grant from the Department of Defense
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Randolph Steadman, M.D., MS

Dr. Mahajan announced that Dr. Steadman received a generous grant from the Department of Defense entitled: Design of a Screen-Based Simulation for Training and Automated Assessment of Teamwork Skills. Dr. Steadman has been the leader in the Simulation program in the Department and the School of Medicine.

Dr. Steadman provided these additional details: Our aim is to build a screen-based simulation for team training and assessment that compares immersive participation (game-play mode) with non-interactive observation (evaluation mode). To accomplish this, we will create scenario scripts and interactive affordances within an online game. In the background, a domain ontology and automated assessment engine will make inferences about the player's ability to identify and apply core teamwork skills.

In addition to the Simulation Center (Drs. Steadman and Huang from the Department of Anesthesiology), collaborators include the Department of Surgery / CASIT (Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology), CRESST (Center for Research on Educational Standards and Student Testing) and GSEIS (UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies).

Congratulations to all!

Mary Keyes, M.D.

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