Regional Anesthesia - Westwood

The Acute Pain Service, a division of the Department of Anesthesiology, now based at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, has undergone major changes in recent years. We are now committed to provide our patients with multiple options for postoperative pain management to help them to recover from their surgeries.

Our service has four faculty members, who rotate on a weekly basis, a nurse practitioner and two residents who rotate with us on a monthly basis. As the number and variety of procedures that we perform on the service have increased dramatically over the past few years, our residents develop a more comprehensive experience by the end of their rotation.

The APS offers pain management on a 24-hour basis for post-operative patients. Our two residents alternate taking calls from home, and their efforts in careful selection and post-operative management of patients is the main reason for the high satisfaction among our patients and our surgical colleagues.

Our NP has proven to be very helpful in orienting the new residents on the service, maintaining continuity of care, decreasing the residents’ workload during day shift and building working relationships with other nurses on different services.

Residents complete their rotation with an understanding of how to assess and manage acute post-operative pain, trauma pain, cancer related pain and acute exacerbation of pain in patients with chronic pain, need to be admitted to the hospital. They become competent in the pharmacologic management of pain as well as interventional pain management.